FLV2MP3 - YouTube MP3 Converter

FLV2MP3 - YouTube MP3 Converter

Download all kind of youtube videos with FLV2MP3 for free. There are no limitations.

FLV2MP3 is a YouTube converter that allows you to convert Youtube videos into formats like MP3, MP4 or even AVI. In the navigation an MP3 search engine has been installed. So you can search for artists or songs and then download them without delays without leaving the site. This saves a lot of time. The site has an Alexa Rank of 3800 and probably has more than 500,000 unique users a day. If you use the Safari browser, there is alternatively the possibility to download an extension to download directly the videos from the YouTube page.

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1. Search a video on youtube

Go to youtube and search for a video and copy the link of the video.

2. Paste the url

Paste the youtube video url in to textbox above.

3. YouTube to MP3

Start the conversion by clicking Download MP3 or just hit enter.