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FLV2MP3 - YouTube MP3 Converter


You are looking for free music? In this case we are happy that there are websites like freemusicdownloads.world and we like to describe the service of this provider. On the start page you can find an input box - here you can just type in the song you are looking for and and the search engine will look for interesting results and show you some suggestions.

Next to this you can also download a specific mp3 song when you have got the link of the datafile. This means you can just copy the link of a song you have heard on youtube or facebook, paste this link into the intended input box and click on the button “search & downloads”.

When you look at the top of the website you will find more categories with more services. On the one hand you can take a look at the charts and you can not only download songs which are ranked in the charts but you can also hear the music online on the website.

Freemusicdownloads.world is also offering interesting playlist - there is as example a Linkin Park playlist and a Grammy Winner playlist.

If you like you can also take a look at the category videos and artists. There is also the option to read some interesting content in the music magazine.